Why Eating Organic Food Matters

Organic food is highly misunderstood in our society. Many people think it will somehow have added vitamins and minerals, or that eating only organic foods will keep you from becoming overweight. These ideas are far from the truth, and are certainly not the reason why eating organic food matters.

What is the point of organic food?

Organic food helps to keep toxic elements from entering your body. The benefits of this are probably self-evident (toxic=bad, right?), but a few of the especially problematic results of ingesting toxins are increased autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, eczema, and diabetes, to name a few.

Many now believe that since your liver is so busy with this increased toxic load, it can’t do one of its primary functions, which is to burn fat. The theory is that this is partially responsible for the huge increase in obesity.

Of course there are also the theories that many of the chemicals used in traditional farm practices are also to blame for increasing levels of cancer, asthma, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and many other diseases as well.

These chemicals have never been tested long-term to see how bioaccumulative they are, and they’re also not tested at the end of the production process – i.e. they’re tested in small doses individually, but in reality the doses are much larger. They also come into contact with many other chemicals used on the farm, and other chemicals during the processing of the food. There is a massive potential for chemical reactions to take place, and it’s completely unmonitored.

For example,

High-heat and irradiation are both used to protect us from harmful bacteria growth – both are also catalysts for chemical reactions. When the pesticide used on GMO soybeans meets the sulfites used to keep the foods from spoiling, does it have a chemical reaction? Does it have one if heat or radiation is applied when they’re together?

No one has tested this for safety, and these interactions could be causing the dramatic increase in so many diseases.

What Exactly is Organic Food?

“Certified-organic” food is a huge, multi-level certification process that is too big to get into in one single post, but here’s the gist of it:

Organic food is produced without the aid of unnatural compounds such as herbicide, pesticide, fertilizer, soil-additives such as lime, calcium, or sulphur, growth hormones, or genetically-modified-organisms. It often incorporates practices that are beneficial to the soil and plants such as crop-rotation and planting a bio-diverse farm (a farm with more than one type of crop).

Obviously this becomes even more complicated when discussing animals raised for their meat that are certified-organic, since what they eat must also be free of pesticides, herbicides, etc., and I’m guessing you can now see why organic meats are so expensive.

Is Organic Food Actually Better For You?

When you stop putting so many bad things into your body, something amazing can happen. Your body can stop being on high-alert all the time, constantly trying to bail water out of a quickly sinking ship.

When you stop introducing all these toxins and poisons into your body, it can focus on doing what it was built to do in the first place.

All of your natural systems start to work more effectively. It’s a slight change for many, not too easy to notice unless you’re really paying attention to it.

But look at it this way: how many of you know what it’s like to be completely overwhelmed at your job? I think this is something many of us can relate to.

When your body is constantly bombarded by toxins, it’s similar to having NON-STOPemergencies at work. If you’re always putting out the fires, you have no time or energy to take care of the regular business, right?

And when this happens, you start to get backed up. You have a HUGE backlog of items to take care of (or toxins to get rid of in the case of your body) and it gets to the point where even if you have fewer emergencies for a day or two, you really get nowhere on your backlog.

However if your boss decides to get you some assistance and have them deal with all the new emergencies that pop up for the next 3 months, suddenly it becomes very easy to clear up that backlog, right? When you don’t have to run around dealing with huge issues constantly, it becomes very easy to take care of the normal things – the things your were hired to take care of in the first place.

That’s why it’s important to start eating natural, organic foods and stick with it. When your body stops being bombarded with toxins to remove, those natural systems can start to get rid of the backlog of toxins in your body – the bioaccumulative toxins that have slowly been building up for years.

Once that happens, your body gets back on track, and amazing things start to happen. You’ll have more energy, your skin will be clearer, even the whites of your eyes will be whiter. You’ll have more calmness of mind, and hopefully you’ll end up with a whole new lease on life. All from eating foods produced the new-old-fashioned way.

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